Aguayo - Al Borde del Volcán

Aguayo has started on 2012 with the curiosity of Eduardo Pacheco (Producer) and Alvaro Villarroel (Composer) for mixing their native folk music “Bolivian Folk Music” with Indie Rock/Pop and British Rock style. Even though the usage of Bolivian native instruments and music has been already spread around the world as pure folk music and with some rock (metal and punk) and pop fusions; now it was time for a new fusion alternative. From 2012 to 2013 more than 20 songs were composed, arranged and eliminated until 10 songs were chosen to be produced and recorded. So between 2013 and 2014, ten selected songs were recorded with acoustic instruments, native instruments, electric instruments and synthesizers. The first album of Aguayo will be release this year , this album was composed by Alvaro Villarroel a Bolivian musician and produced by Eduardo Pacheco a Bolivian musician that studied and work on Mexico; The Album was recorded by Alvaro Villarroel: Charango, Acoustic Nylon Guitar, Electric Guitar and Voice, some musician friends helped recording folk percussion and wind instruments, Eduardo recorded bass, rhythm and synthesizers; it was produced by Eduardo Pacheco who also mixed and mastered the album on Mexico.


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